"Vile na Rajcu"

At the place where were hiding haiduks, rebels and warriors and where powerful river Danube flows out of our region, in all its beauty, enriched by tradition, heroism, song and wine, Negotin was grown. The marvelous nature in all its strangeness and beautiful harmonic lines, cruel and at the same time showing the whim of an innocent child, the devilish and paradise at the same time, has inspired many who have divine inspiration. Along the river Vratna, upstream of the monastery Vratna, built in the 14th century, there are miracles of nature, outgrowths of Vratna, a magnificent threesome, as a Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity of beauty, power and soul...

Towards the east, where the rising sun, among the vast vineyard plantations, in the beauty of Rajac, are stone pimnas, purpose-built for the production, preservation, enjoyment of wine and searching for truth.

Like deity, Krisitina presents, shows and describes us how new beauty is born in and for the sake of beauty, how a smile is born, how love returns with love. With passion and happiness, let's revive these spaces and surrender to the enjoyment of beauty, Kristina's hand woven ... Let's gild her fragile body and clear eye, giving her a part of ourselves to persevere in everything.