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At the point where the river Danube getting ready to flows out of Serbia and flows into the Black Sea, on September 15, 1976, in Kladovo, shining golden-yellow autumn colors and full of grape baskets, one little Kristina saw the world....

Me, and few words about...

I am perfectly aware that photography is the best and the most intimate way which helps us to follow the reality of human’s getting old. But each photography is a thiny stollen moment which can never be repeated again. And that is why I love photography. I love it because it is healthy, it is scielent, it doesn’t speake, and it is beautiful.

“Collecting photos means collecting the world.” (Suzana Sontag) Artistic photography is not only an ordinary photography, because it demands of you to think about it. It has to be made by all laws of aesthetic evaluation

Discovering beauty

To what extent have we become so spiritually passive that we do not notice what we see? How much have we become stranged from ourselves that existence beyond ourselves we almost can not experience? Has the gift for noticing and experiencing become a privilege of gifted people?

Kristina Popovic is one of the photographers, artists of the younger generation, one of those rare, privileged people. In her photographs she made existence visible, captured our attention, diskovered beauty. Simply, withaut already discredited experiments, sincerely, with no sensation, very inspiring to watch, with no restriction, but yet very originally.

"Villas on Rajac"

At the place where were hiding haiduks, rebels and warriors and where powerful river Danube flows out of our region, in all its beauty, enriched by tradition, heroism, song and wine, Negotin was grown. The marvelous nature in all its strangeness and beautiful harmonic lines, cruel and at the same time showing the whim of an innocent child, the devilish and paradise at the same time, has inspired many who have divine inspiration. Along the river Vratna, upstream of the monastery Vratna, built in the 14th century, there are miracles of nature, outgrowths of Vratna, a magnificent threesome, as a Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity of beauty, power and soul.