Me, and few words about...

I am perfectly aware that photography is the best and the most intimate way which helps us to follow the reality of human’s getting old. But each photography is a thiny stollen moment which can never be repeated again. And that is why I love photography. I love it because it is healthy, it is scielent, it doesn’t speake, and it is beautiful. “Collecting photos means collecting the world.”

(Suzana Sontag) Artistic photography is not only an ordinary photography, because it demands of you to think about it. It has to be made by all laws of aesthetic evaluation. (Special goal of art photography which actually distinguishes it from all other kinds of documentary work is produce of photo which has aesthetic valuel). Photo, itself is art, and that is why we are never able to see objects in nature sequenced in a frame, and as soon as we approach to it, we awere that we have taken out objects from their natural environment in cause of making a photo. For art, we need emotion, emotion which assigns pieces. If emotion doesn’t grow up from the right seed it isn’t an emotion, and we will never be able to hand it over to the others-and that is the meaning of my job.

Final success is to be judged by the fact how an artist can make to transmit emotions to the other people. Handing over the emotions through photos is not an easy thing to do. It must include all mobile forces of human being who, on the other hand needs to have an artistic preoccupations and pretensions. But, first of all, it depends on talent. And talent will make orientation. Each piece of work has to tell a story, and if there isn’t a story, then there isn’t art, as well. An artist must hand it over to crowd ( to those people who don’t own this special emotion). He has to hand over things which are not allowed to be seen by everyones eyes.

Photography is the only language which is perfectly understandable in all parts of the world. It makes us becoming close to things, to people, to events which without its exisistings would remain fantasy despite the most talented descriptions and most convincing details. Photography brings the man to the world and the world to the man.

I like to say that photography isn’t a result of looking, its’s a proof of all things which are worth of looking. I belive that art is accurate and authentic reproduction of nature. I sterted to observe life and enviroment thought objective-glass. With camera , I explore myself, my sensation of space, and I am searching out for my own appropriation. Upon this I don’t have to move my eye from vizor to make things better. That’s how I want to catch world around me or to express my inner world. Motive seems to me like some really extremely important remembranse: part of yesterday’s life, from which future life depends on.

We, who are called artists can proudly say that we are able to see the world with completely different point of view than the rest of humanity. An artist doesn’t walk in front of this time, he creates his time, or to be more occurate he participates in his time, and it’s not accidentally that photographer becomes photographer as it’s not accidentally that a lion trainer becomes a lion trainer.

I am aware that I won’t be walking through the walk of feme, but I will never stop looking for proofs of life with help of my, so called “third-eye”-objective glass. I will never stop playing with light. Camera is my tool and with it, I find reasons and purpose for everything around me. Final goal of my photos is to show to people things that they hadn’t seen or noticed before. One photographer said: “If I wos able to retell a story with words, I wouldn’t have needed to use camera”.

Deeds are the only things which remain after the man, and its creator. They are only things which can be called theirowns. They are deeds of excisting creativity. Actual picture of power, mind and spirit. And me, I want to live in harmony with my character. I cant only be myself. I am an artist phptographer. I am that, when I take pictures, and I am also that when I don’t do anything. Everything else can be considered as eskape from myself. That’s why I take photos. And that’s the only valuable thing, because it’s the only thing I know how to do.

IT’S ALL NATURE’S FAULT, because photos are already there made for taking them, of course all you need to do is to find them.