Discovering beauty

To what extent have we become so spiritually passive that we do not notice what we see? How much have we become stranged from ourselves that existence beyond ourselves we almost can not experience? Has the gift for noticing and experiencing become a privilege of gifted people?

Kristina Popovic is one of the photographers, artists of the younger generation, one of those rare, privileged people. In her photographs she made existence visible, captured our attention, diskovered beauty. Simply, withaut already discredited experiments, sincerely, with no sensation, very inspiring to watch, with no restriction, but yet very originally.

It is very to hard accomplish such an approach in photography when the orthers are imposing themselves with their „modern“, aggresive, shocking ideals. Kristina’s photographs do not have a dokumentary character which is so permanenty connected to this area. Simply, her photographs are so beautiful that they provoke astonishment and admiration. Kristina discovered beauty.

Most of the time we remain unmoved by beauty. We are not even noticing it until someone (the artist) captures our atenttion. Kristina menaged to capture our attention. She made us comprehend. Expertly photographing the details of nature she made photography become art of paint; compozingly well-balenced. Sensitive. In her photographs there are a stone, a tree, water. But in the waves of light those structures have a got a completely different meaning. They are shown to us in an unusual, unreal, marvelous way. But yet, they are here right in front of our eyes. Stones of Mokranje; Vratna’s Gates, Danube... In Kristina’s photographs water has a special meaning. Using light, reflections, unusual ways of looking through the objective, she managed to get the effect of the abstracted reality and yet it is still just nature. And a flower has a special meaning. The beautiful flower in the wather, saved somewhere on the surface. It is proudly overtopping the flowing water. It is resisting. Kristina’s flower. A series of these photographs has a special meaning in Kristina’s creative work, it is simbolically different. By organizing space, adequately compozing and with coloristic accent.

Kristina’s picturesque expression, active patricipation in a creative act of making a photograph come from a very strong creative force from a strong need for art communication. Her creativity is the result of the inner efforts which can be traced. And then we ask ourselves to what extent these photographs actually represent nature. Absurdly, becouse the phitographer’s objective records only what it is pointed at. Haw much actually those photographs represent the artist, her soul, spirit and the breath which she built into her creative work.

Kristina discovered us beauty. Her own beauty.