About author

At the point where the river Danube getting ready to flows out of Serbia and flows into the Black Sea, on September 15, 1976, in Kladovo, shining golden-yellow autumn colors and full of grape baskets, one little Kristina saw the world. The time and place we come into the world determines our life path in many ways and it is completely natural that Kristina loved photography from a young age, because she was born in a family of photographers. In addition to her love for photography, she also completed her knowledge by studying with renowned professors and becoming an art photographer...

Magnificent photographer who dedicates documentary and playfulness with his mischievous eye on photo paper and an artist as someone to whom the God gives something that sets her apart and adds to her craft colorful and light paths that show us that we live in an environment full of joy and see all the fullness of beauty and emotion that Kristina selflessly captures.

Filled as a personality, selfless, looking forward to everyone's fortune and with a refined sense of beauty, she is ready to recognize the same in the eye of anyone who comes across her in front of her camera brand Nikon. He photographs portraits with clear lines of character, children in their furnished and unfitted poses for their loved ones, pregnant women and their newborn babies, children's birthdays in playrooms and outdoors, in all weathers. Because of her timid nature that is visible at first glance, life is a fairy tale for her, and in that fairy tale she plays with children in front of her lens and becomes the aunt of Peter Pan, whom he sent to convey to all children his greetings and photographs Kristina takes him to send a personal message to the children and support them in their noble wishes. Thus, the "aunt" becomes the link between reality and fiction and in this game everyone enjoys and looks forward to meeting each other again.

It's not just the kids that inspire her. Through her prism in the play of light and hay, filled with rainbow colors, she photographs baptisms and proms and other fun, contributes to the visualization of propaganda sites and whatever she is looking for, or at some point appears, she devotesly records and as a product we get full-color photos painted with details.

Recently, she began to record the moments of great mental pain that occurs when someone see close person off to eternal rest. In a stressful and emotional moment, she carefully selects the details and saves them for the family and friends of the deceased person, who do the best at that moment to see their beloved off with dignity. When all goes well, family members thank her with full respect for recognizing that someone was watching and recording what they experienced and felt calm in their souls, when they saw that they had given everything they could at that moment to the one who certainly deserved their attention.

Her career as an art photographer began almost twenty years ago with a theme called "Villas on Rajac". Although the fairies associate us with something beautiful but hard to come by, the pessimists say unreal, with its refined meaning, it has transformed its vision into a first-class event that will soon culminate. In the ambience of the Rajac's pimnice, she made the first photographs, which began with photographs of hers closest family, and thus the story begins with the pregnant daughter-in-law named Sanela, the wife of her brother Dejan, who brought into the world a boy named Lazar. All the details, in a life-inspired setting, put the mother in the forefront as the pioneer of a new life, who created two loving young people. Pregnanant belly and breasts, birth and breastfeeding, first teeth and first independent steps showed the audience with how much effort and love Kristina gave herself to capture every detail of the birth of a new life and growing up. The boy will be accompanied by Kristina until his fifteenth year, who in the meantime joins the mythical and historical hero Marko Kraljević. Kristina's daughter Tija joined the team as Vila Ravijojla and a wonderful story about the love of two young people who become husband and wife begins to come true…

This wonderful story remains written in Kristina's photos in which every well-intentioned person can find own thread and continue to “knit a sweater“ made of love, beauty and fragrance, which couldn't be bought, but it could be experienced and remembered for all it's life.

Fragile but extremely imaginative, innovative and creative, she will do anything, even moves mountains, to turn your dreams into reality with her third eye and forever leaves a mark on that moment. So, give a little attention to Kristina by giving her the freedom to focus her creativity on your special moments, and you will proudly show to everyone who you care about.